Trusted to Grow Companies.

"Aaron's energy and creativity brought a new perspective to our company that paid off immediately.
Anyone who has the chance to work with him, should absolutely seize the opportunity."

Breanden Beneschott, Co-Founder and COO

"He is absolutely my go-to source for all sales and lead acquisition growth hacking strategy."

Irina Papuc, Co-Founder, Galactic Fed

"Aaron has been invaluable in helping me form my sales and marketing strategy. From devising a big picture methodology to drilling down to specific tactics, Aaron has been able to show me ways to leverage technology to reduce friction, cut costs and optimize my process."

Phillip Walsh, Management Consultant

"He not only played a key role in improving company sales performance,
but was also a big part of developing and maintaining a strong, productive company culture."

Jarad Gilmore, Sales, Fusion, Inc.

Do you have a development agency? Find out how to access more of the U.S. Market and grow your revenue:

Your Key to Agency Growth.

Outbound Outreach

Inbound Salespeople tend to deal with swaths of unqualified leads, or none at all. My career was made with outbound sales - and I can help you find success by showing you where to hunt down the best clients, how to get in touch with them, and how to bring deals to a close.

in Software Services sold

Qualification Optimization

Solving Top of Funnel issues with a new process, one software agency client was able to double their most important conversion rate - from Project Estimated to Project Won. This earned them more revenue with less overhead costs lost pursuing bad deals.

conversion rate bump

Lower CAAC, Higher LTV

My systems are intended to deliver the most bang for the buck - targeting the right people and bringing them to deals that might be bigger than you've had in the past - and at a lesser cost. One client came to me with a CAAC around $40k and a ALTV at about $45k. We were able to reduce the cost to less than $10k and bring the value over $62k.

increase in ALTV

Sales Training

From top of funnel lead sourcing and sorting, to deals closed and relationships solified. I work with agency owners and executives as well as teams of new and veteran salespeople, to educate them on the modern sales context, how to make the most of their time, and the tools and tricks available to agencies looking to grow their US presence.


The Principled Approach.

Lead Generation

Sourcing cold and warm leads online and through referrals and partnerships.
Scrubbing and sorting leads lists to ensure high quality
Cold calling, email marketing and automation, and networking opportunities

Sales Process

Qualification processes to ensure efficiency and avoid misdirected energy
Customizing your pitch to consider various client profiles
Overcoming the most common obstacles to software deals

For American Buyers

Pricing and estimation for American buyers
Expanding deeper into client organizations

If you're interested in growing your business,
accessing more of the American markets, or both, let's chat!


My success in sales is rooted in my dedication to forging deals that are a "Win" for everyone.

I understand how difficult it is to sell software services into the American markets.

I hope you'll respect the amount of wisdom and experience that goes into my training.

And I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
Aaron Diek, CEO, Diek Industries